Monday, January 17, 2011

                  ...A Stream of =N=5,000 Cheaque in your mail Box in 21 days...

Dear Potential email User,

        It is no longer news that Nigerians are now getting themselves involved in the internet world and have at least one email address used to send and check e-massages.But must unfortunately is the fact that virtually 99% of these email users are in need of money to carter for their needs and enjoy all the goodies of life e.g good homes, cars, shares, travelling abroad, eating good food e.t.c  but don't know that their free Yahoomail,Hotmail,Gmail e.t.c addresses are powerful tools that can be upgraded into a Guaranteed 24/7 Non-stop Cash Flow .always ready to grab hot and ready cash for the email address owners.

   This System is easy, simple, and safe for everybody: man or woman,married or single, young or old. Whether you are a graduate, undergraduate, student or drop out, it does not matter! The important thing is that you must know how to read and write.

    You can do it either as a part time or full time business. If you are already employed, you only need one or two hours everyday. You can do it either during your normal working hours or after closing from work. If you are not presently employed, you have gotten yourself a full time job and business. If you are already in business, thank your God because it is an opportunity to make extra millions of naira without much effort and expenses, monthly. It is an avenue to make money to expand your business.
        The major vehicles for this business are:-
  (a) You must have a Bank account.

  (b) You must have at least one Handset with active GSM network, and

  (c) There should be a computer with Internet access. If you do not have any, you can go to the nearest cybercafe and make use of their computer. Proficiency in the operation of computer is NOT necessary, but you must know how to check your mails. This System has nothing to do with e-gold or e-silver. You make your millions sweartlessly here in Nigeria.

        This System is one of the easiest and safest systems of making million of naira every month without much effort, time, or expenses.
With this System, you enjoy the following benefits......
(a)   You make money at will.
(b)   You determine how much millions that you want, and you will surely get it.
(c)   Money pours into your bank account from all parts of the country with just only little start-up capital and efforts.
(d)   You become very popular because majority shall acquire wealth through you.

 Read some of the testimonies from those that are using the System:-

       >>>>>  When I followed the techniques, I was amazed beyond my imagination. I made  =N=1.3Million in my first month...... Thanks a million --- ikechukwu Ogonna --Lagos.<<<<<

>>>>>  Since I bought your manual, my life has changed considerably!.... I have changed from a begger to a cheerful donor in my church.... Thankx.--- Etim Okon --- Calabar. <<<<<

>>>>>  It is unbelievable but quite true. I was transformed from an applicant to a millionaire. I made roughly =N=3.1Million within two months! .... May God Bless you richly. --- Sunday Richard -- Port Harcourt. <<<<<

                     COST : -   How much will it cost you to learn this system ? Not much. For the simple reason of empowering Nigerians to be self made millionaires, I have kept the price very low. The e-manual will cost you Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety naira only (=N=2,000) only. And it will be delivered into your e-mail box. This price offer is limited for a short time. It shall be increased without notice.!

                    CASH PRIZES AWARD : -    The first forty (40) people to purchase this e-manual and make One Hundred Thousand Naira (=N=100,000) with this System within five(5) weeks of their purchases, will get a FREE cash prize award of One Hundred Thousand Naira {=N=100,000:00 each}.

                     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : -   If after purchasing this e-manual that teaches you about this System, after implementation and you fail to become a multi-millionaire, please ask for a full refund of your money. 

                 TO ORDER : -   Make your payment at any branch of  U.B.A in Nigeria:

            (a) Account name:     Anietie Peter Essien.
            (b) Account number:  00210520102683 
            (c)  Bank name:          U.B.A.

          Please notify us of your payment via SMS to 08025363194 or by e-mail -, stating your name, phone number, amount paid and e-mail address.
I will forward the Report to your mail box 10mins after payment confirmation.

NOTE: 5 Bonuses Will Be Given To The First 10 People that will Order this morning

WARNING: Only 20 copies is Left for sales, so Act Now.

      He who fail to plan, actually planned to fail. Your financial destiny is in your hands. Make the right decision by purchasing this e-manual that teaches you about this System, and your life will never remain the same again, financially! Make your decision Now. Tomorrow might be too late!

      Yours Millionly,
      Peter Essien.